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Bethany Valentine owns and operates a successful multi-state chain of beauty schools and salons/spas, as well as a popular line of skincare products. When she temporarily moves back to her small hometown to take care of her ailing mom, the last person she expects to run into is an old romance.

Cable Strayhorn, the randy heir to one of the largest ranching operations in the Texas Panhandle, makes no bones about his feelings for Bethany. He wants to pick up where they left off years back. Though he is a man who has loved and been loved by many women, only in recent years has he come to realize he has always been in love with Bethany.

Bethany has too much on her plate and too much at stake to dally with an untrustworthy cowboy. But as Cable works at seducing her, memories of the passions they shared seep back and Bethany can't resist him. She gives in to her emotions, only to have him crush her again with the appearance of a woman from his past. Now, adding to her heartbreak is learning she’s pregnant. 

Will he be able to convince her again that he loves only her and they can have a happy ever after? Will she follow her heart? Does she owe it to their child to allow it to grow up in a rich family whose custom is to anoint every newborn with a trust fund?

Author Of contemporary western novels

Anna Jeffrey is an author of acclaimed Western romance novels. She has written 13 books that focus on passionate love stories set against the backdrop of open plains and desert landscapes. Her novels have been described to be a cut above other modern romance books.


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