It’s Here Again….

Happy New Year

Yes, I’m talking about a new year. It always sneaks up on me. So, Happy New Year, Readers! It’s been so long since I’ve posted on this blog (August, I think), you probably thought I had died. But I’m still here, still struggling to figure out the publishing business.

2015 wasn’t the best year I’ve ever had, but it wasn’t the worst either. For the most part, I’ve got a lot to be grateful for.

So do you make a bunch of resolutions for the new year? I never have. However, I do make a few plans for things I want to accomplish. I don’t like saying “goals.” That implies it’s something I could skate past. I like the word “plan” better. It has more discipline.

DixieCash_YouCanHaveMyHeart_1400px (2)Number One on my list is to finish the Dixie Cash book I’ve been working on, YOU CAN HAVE MY HEART, BUT DON’T TOUCH MY DOG. I had planned to get it finished and on the market before the end of the year, but my day job took over my life for about six weeks and I just didn’t have the time. If I’ve made a resolution at all, it’s to not let that happen again. I should get it done in the next couple of months.

People who have read it tell me they think it’s funny. I hope they aren’t just to humoring me. I’m worried about it because my sister threw in the towel after about 40 or 50 pages and I’ve written it on my own. I’ll be the first to tell anyone that she is the funny one.

Number Two on my list is to finish THE HORSEMAN, Book #3 of the Sons of Texas AnnaJeffrey_TheHorseman_800px (2)trilogy. Not a comedy. I already have the cover and have written several chapters. In it, I’m going to tell the tale of Troy Rattigan’s romance, plus tie up the story’s loose ends and solve the mystery of who has it in for the Lockhart family. All of that is kind of a tall order for a 100,000-word book, but I have faith in myself. <Grin>

Number Three is to narrate my own audio books. I’ve already bought the equipment I need. Now I have to get over this head cold I’ve had for a month so that my voice isn’t affected. This is a gamble for me. Besides being a good reader with clear elocution, a good narrator has to be at least a half-assed actor.

Most of the people who narrate audio books are indeed actors and actresses. And they are so expensive to hire. This is why I’m going to try it myself. What I’ve spent for the equipment is a drop in the bucket compared to hiring a narrator. It remains to be seen (or heard) how my Texas twang will sound reading an audio book. As far as acting out the parts vocally, at least I know how I meant for it to sound when I wrote it. If I do one book and it turns out to be a dud, then I’ll hide my face and  simply won’t do any more.

 Number Four on my list is to write the sequel to DESIRED, Book I of Miranda’s Chronicles, the 40,000-word novella I published in August. The title will be CLAIMED and I’ve already bought the cover image. I do that, you see, to keep me from backing out. If I’ve got money invested, I’m less likely to abandon the project. … Book II will not be a novella. It will be a regular 100,000 story that tells how small businesswoman Miranda will deal with her mentally ill mother, her un-ambitious sister and Tack Tackett, the man who is the love of her life.manofthewest

Those are my four main projects. I have a few lesser projects, one of which is continuing to work at getting my copyright back on MAN OF THE WEST, a book I wrote  under the pseudonym Sadie Callahan for  a New York publisher. I so want to re-write it as an Anna Jeffrey book AnnaJeffrey_LoneStarWoman_800and self-publish it. ….. It follows LONE STAR WOMAN and is Book #2 of The Strayhorns series. At one time, I had Book #3 in my head and it’s probably still in there somewhere. If I get all four of my other projects accomplished, maybe I’ll write Book #3 whether I get the rights back to Book #2 or not.

So, there you are. My 2016 all laid out. Don’t bet any money on me getting all of this done. ….. How about your resolutions? Are they doable?


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